Premium truffles based on an old recipe

Japanese truffles is ganache in its pure form, without a chocolate shell.

Entirely handmade candy with absolutely pure composition: biochocolate, fresh cow cream and premium cognac.

The Japanese form of presentation

The presentation is borrowed from the Japanese: traditionally in Europe ganache has been manually rolled into a ball and then covered with a coat of chocolate.

More squeamish inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun came up with a ganache without chocolate coating in a form that does not require touching the product with one’s bare hands and implies a more hygienic treatment.

The thermos box protects this super delicate product from temperature changes and spoilage during transportation.

The inner packaging is sealed with an airtight foil plate, with an oxygen absorber inside: a small bag of powdered iron. Along with pasteurization, this technology allows to avoid using a preservative.

The package includes specially prepared skewers, which make it easy to consume ganache without dirtying hands.

Citrus zest and ginger in chocolate 


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