A delicate treat

Ganache is an emulsion of bitter chocolate and fresh cow cream.

The first truffles, which appeared long before the emergence of modern technologies, were made this very way — by neatly mixing fresh farmer’s cream and natural chocolate. So appeared the first chocolate sweets.

Times have changed, and today such truffles are made only by those rare artisans’ who remain faithful to traditions.

Our ganache is exactly like that, without any tweaks, made from premium bitter chocolate and fresh cream.

We use the best alcoholic beverages in the world

Our company remains true to the principle of absolute naturalness of ingredients. To give ganache flavor, we use the best alcoholic beverages available: the Courvoisier cognac, the Dom Pacello Royal Orange liqueur, and fruit distillates from the famous French distillery Massenez, the Swedish Court.

"Fresh +" chocolate category

The use of fresh cow cream makes artisan sweets so delicious, but unfortunately, very perishable, due to the concomitant high proportion of moisture. Moisture migrates through the chocolate shell and the filling dries out, the chocolate becomes soft and loses its taste.

Traditional recipes

Medallions are a true technical revolution when it comes to candies, which allows you to enjoy the recipes of artisan chocolatiers (the recipes include only bitter chocolate, fresh cream and premium alcoholic beverages, and nothing else), an acceptable shelf life for stores and an attractive price for consumers!

Unique technology

Our unique technology of forming shells with silver punches at a temperature of -25°C makes it possible to form a dense shell only 0.3 mm thick, absolutely sugar-free (100% cocoa products) and preventing the migration of moisture. The addition of the necessary amount of alcohol makes the candy microbiologically stable and introduces a natural flavor and a note of freshness.
The packaging is hermetically sealed and provides perfect protection for these fragile sweets.

Medallions exist in two versions

100g medallions

The real sensation of our assortment is a compelling set of medallions based on the French Eaux-de-vie (fruit distillates) by Massenez, the world leader of fruit distillates.

The symbol of French elegance, Eaux-de-vie and liqueurs produced by Massenez decorate the tables of the most famous Michelin restaurants around the world. Their quality and unique taste have been valued since 1870.

This is an open candy with a filling protruding slightly on top, looking more like a dessert. For convenience of use, six beautiful wooden skewers are enclosed in the package. The set includes three fruit vodka flavors: Kirsch (cherry), Williams Pear, and Wild Raspberry.

The Massenez Williams Pear Eau-de-vie is loved for its rich flavor. It perfectly preserves and transmits the soft, juicy and vibrant taste of these fruit.
It takes at least twenty kilograms of pears to create one liter of eau-de-vie!

The Massenez Kirsch is distinguished by its peculiar, rich and balanced taste.
Its deep aroma with distinctive almond notes indicates the excellent quality of the selected fruit used for soft distillation of the drink.

While traveling along Alsace, the Queen of Sweden fell in love with Eau-de-vie Framboise, which elevated Massenez to the rank of the official supplier of the Swedish Court.
This eau-de-vie has a very feminine and delicate aroma, combining refinement and harmony... Thrill and delight in a chocolate shell!

65g medallions

The 65 g pack is light and convenient, symbolizing elegance and a delicate touch. It holds 18 delicate sweets weighing 3.6 grams each.
The delicate liquid ganache is completely covered with a thin and marvelously crispy chocolate shell of 100% cocoa products. They are presented in a rigid box of glossy cardboard. There are two standard flavors: cognac and orange liqueur, but other exclusive flavors are also available.

Citrus zest and ginger in chocolate

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