Amazingly light and delicate natural honey based chocolate petals with yogurt filling will not leave anyone indifferent. When this sophisticated candy melts in your mouth, the delicate texture of cream of honey and natural yogurt is revealed. At only 2.38 grams of exclusively natural products, it would be a sin not to succumb to the temptation to try this culinary delight.

The idea of ​​this candy was born from the premise that the slimmer the candy, the more pleasantly the aroma opens up. This candy is only 2.5 mm thick and 32 mm in diameter, as slim as physically possible, and the delicate yogurt and honey filling is revealed perfectly.

Unique packaging allows to keep the candies whole and intact, without scratches, despite their tenderness and fragility.

Chocolate petals: slim and natural chocolate that meets the modern requirements of a healthy lifestyle. If you follow a healthy diet, you care for natural and light composition, reduced sugar and a small portion size. In this respect, petals favorably differ from other chocolates: the filling consists of natural honey, cocoa butter, sublimated yogurt, and berry concentrate. Packaging irreproachably conveys the basic quality of the petals: lightness, weightlessness and naturalness.

Citrus zest and ginger in chocolate

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