Chocolate sweets from natural ingredients


Our philosophy

We produce our artisan chocolates exclusively from natural ingredients. The ingredients of our products are an important part of our philosophy. We guarantee our consumer the use of only natural ingredients. We do everything as we would do it for ourselves.

Our mission

Chocolate has long been the subject of mass culture for everyday consumption. But chocolate is not potatoes, we don’t eat it to satisfy hunger. It is meant to give pleasure. It cannot replace more balanced food, but it should be available to everyone for a special occasion.

We pack our products in small packages at an affordable price, so that everyone can enjoy natural high quality sweets.


Only natural ingredients

The best recipes were invented long time ago by the first chocolate artisans. We are here to adapt modern production methods and pick out packaging that can deliver natural artisan sweets, fresh and intact, to a chocolate connoisseur.


Made in Russia

- 100% Russian company that proudly represents our country at the highest level events

- official supplier of chocolate at the Spasskaya Tower Festival in 2017

- official supplier to the Kremlin since 2018


Maitre Chocolatier

The company was founded by Maitre Chocolatier Dave Mangier, winner of the prestigious Salon du Chocolat in Paris in the Best Chocolate category.

Before starting his own company, he had been working as the chief technologist and development director of the leading domestic producers of chocolates for 13 years.


He founded his own company to convey the uncompromising attitude, to which he always aspired as a technologist and which could not be implemented in large commercial projects, in chocolate.

Dave Mangier has lived in Russia since 2001, he is married and has two sons.


Company history milestones

July 2014: Opening of the company, organization of production

September 2015: production starts in Pavlovsky Posad, 60 km east of Moscow. Manual production of chocolate-covered candied fruit and truffles in the Japanese style.

October 2015: The start of co-branding with leading alcohol brands.

May 2016: Launching automated production of chocolate petals, moving to a new 600 square meter factory in Tarasovo, near Pavlovsky Posad, 50 kilometers from Moscow.

January 2017: First participation at the ISM in Cologne.

August 2017: The company becomes the supplier of the Moscow Kremlin, participates in the Spasskaya Tower Festival.

November 2017: Launching the production of medallions — a range of cream and alcohol based chocolates with a super slim sugar-free chocolate shell (0.3 mm) — with the use of the company’s own cryogenic technology.

January 2018: Second participation at the ISM exhibition in Cologne. Signing of contracts with distributors in Japan, Kazakhstan, China, and France. Export begins in May 2018.

June 2018: A new factory opens in Kaliningrad, covering an area of ​​2,000 square meters. Expansion of the range of medallions, with premium products for the Fresh shelf.

August 2018: Throughout August, our company exhibits its products in its own tent in Red Square in Moscow.

Fall 2018: Launching a unique range of sweets with berries in alcohol and premium ganache. Launching a range of chocolate masses of 85% and 100% cocoa products for Gourmet and HoReCa segments.

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