Citrus zest and ginger in chocolate

Manual processing of citrus fruits

Typically the zest for the production of candied fruit is obtained after industrial extraction of juice from the fruit. With this technology, most of the cells containing essential oils are destroyed, and the zest dries and loses its flavor.

Our zest is carefully removed manually from intact citrus fruit, before the juice squeezing stage. This meticulous work helps preserve the integrity of the cell structure of the fruit and the essential oils.

The natural bitterness of candied fruit is emphasized by bitter chocolate, prepared from the tangy cocoa beans of Ghanaian plantations.

Thoughtful packaging

Patented packaging allows to deliver this uncalibrated and fragile sweet to the consumer intact. The integrity of the chocolate glaze is important for preserving the juiciness and freshness of the zest.

Each candy is fixed between soft pads forming a protective nest regardless of shape, which helps avoid cracking the chocolate shell. The soft pads themselves are sandwiched between two hard liners to keep the candies from moving.

This is how we preserve the juiciness and freshness of our candied fruit.

An exquisite artisan product

The zest of fragrant citrus varieties in bitter chocolate has always been considered a sophisticated delicacy.

The natural and slightly crunchy texture of the zest is incomparable to any other filling made by machine or man. Fresh zest should be juicy.

After crystallization and shrinkage of natural chocolate, a tear of syrup is squeezed from the soft, fresh zest. It looks outward in the form of a small transparent shiny droplet. Experienced pastry chefs call it a “pearl.” This is the most reliable sign of the freshness of the product.

Not just citrus zest

Ginger is the rising star of our line of candied fruit and the most vibrant of our sweets. The benefits of ginger are widely known. Their source lies in the essential oils of the fresh root.

To simplify and accelerate the process of glazing, as well as to extend the shelf life of the product, many pastry chefs heartily sugar ginger, which also saves the cost of the product. However essential oils disappear during such an aggressive process, as the structure of the cells containing them is disrupted. The root turns into a dry burning clot, only creating the illusion of value.

The gentle mode, thanks to which the essential oils remain inside the cells, allows to keep the level of dry substances lower.

The root remains intact inside, juicy and crispy (and delicious☺).

For the production of candied fruit, like many other producers we have opted for the type of ginger which grows only in Guilin Province. This territory has long been famous for its favorable climate and fertile soils. It is there that the best sort of Chinese ginger, known all over the world, is grown.

Citrus zest and ginger in chocolate

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